Friday, October 26, 2012

Personal Narrative/Thank you letter for Guatemala

 As promised, following is the letter David wrote regarding his trip to Guatemala:

The week in Guatemala was the best week of my life!
                When we proceeded to the plane, I was able to visit the cockpit and the pilots. I sat in a window seat right next to the right wing! We flew for 2 to 3 hours. After we stepped off at Guatemala City and went to look at our rooms, we went to bed.
                The third day, we drove to the dump. The people  built their houses right by the smoke so they could get to the garbage faster.  The people would walk barefoot on hot burning coals with a stick to find valuable (at least to them) pieces of trash. They were dirty and they stank. When we fed them, I poured the drinks. The person distributing the tortillas was practically mobbed!
                My friends, Toni and Mary, who went on the trip with me, had an eventful week.  They slept in a different area than us and had some interesting encounters with Guatemalan animals. They discovered a frog in their toilet, a scorpion in their shower, and some bats in their room. Toni’s and Mary’s week was very hard on them, but they made it.
                On day 5, we painted some houses. We painted some blue and others green.  Sometimes I played soccer with the kids. The kids were very friendly.
                On the last day, we dedicated a well. The mayor and the principal held a long white and blue ribbon and Josh cut it. As soon as he cut it there were loud fireworks. Apparently the people have not seen a blonde haired kid before. They thought it was cute because they started to treat me like a rock star! Well I did not like that, so I got out of there fast!  At the end of the day, we started to distribute Bibles to a village that had never seen Americans before. The village was very hilly and I had to climb over huge, overturned tree roots to get to the houses.
                Thank you for supporting me and giving money for me to go to Guatemala. I helped a lot of people there.  I realized our country is extremely blessed. I hope God blesses you for that. Thank you again.

                                                                David Baierl