Wednesday, June 30, 2010

David turns 9

Half way to 18 - unbelievable!

David went to Crescent Lake Bible Camp the week of his birthday so we did not have a big party like normal. His birthday was on a Sunday so we had Grandpa Paul and Grandma Lynn here. We had a sleepover with the cousins and that was a good time.

At church this Sunday I noticed a family with 2 grown sons (early 20's my guess) standing in front of us. I was struck but just how fast these 9 years have gone and just how fast the next 9 will go. That soon our pew will look more like that one, but will have 3 wide shouldered sons.

Our food budget is growing and our fridge is always empty. I am always cooking. I am trying hard to remember to stop and enjoy the moments, taking mental pictures to file away. Life is so

Play Ball

A picture of Caleb at his first Tball game. Trust me when I say this coach doesn't stand behind him when he has bat in hand any more.

The boy is all gusto. His swing is full of force and purpose. However he has little to no use for playing the outfield. He checks out mentally until it is time to bat. The way he plays is picture perfect for his personality. He is overjoyed that he has his own cleats,, he is convinced they make him run faster.

Between his and Davids games and practices we are at the ball field 4 nights a week, and loving it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School this year had a wild west theme. We were privileged to bring our day care girl Olivia with us and and got a few cute pictures.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Strawberry pickin'

I love June! Our strawberry patch almost tripled from last year. We enjoyed picking them from our yard and also from Hazeltines.

It is a summer tradition for us Baierls. The pickin is so much fun. The berries were beautiful this year and the boys are all so much more independent pickers. Each of our kids have been placed in between the rows of strawberries long before the could walk. As babies they would sit and just eat what was near by.

It was a bit odd to have them all be this independent, but I am not complaining. Less and Less mom is needed for every single task.

Here are some pics from the time we went with the cousins.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Little Kitchen Snitch

I swear things like this only happen when I am in the bathroom. It really doesn't take me long to pee but then again it only takes a second or two for things like this to happen.

Here is what happened:
Earlier in the week we were making brownies with white frosting. I allow the boys to lick the spoon/bowl, if they help make the goodies. Everyone but Caleb is satisfied by their frosting supply on their spoon. He complains. Normal event at our house, I think nothing of it go on about business.

Fast forward 1 day. I am baking banana bread. For the first time I try Crisco shortening instead of butter. (It is white and has a picture of cherry pie on the container) You know where this is going don't you.

I put the banana bread in the oven and go to wash up and use the bathroom.

I hear spitting noises and running of feet.
Then David yelling "Mom, Mom, Caleb ate the bleach!"(earlier in the day the boys were cleaning the bathroom with me - with bleach - at which time I gave them a lecture about cleaning stuff being poison and not something to goof off with, etc. etc.)

My thoughts are somewhere between:
Oh my! What the ----? Can a guy go pee alone? and Why me?

I run out to discover some white chunky stuff on the floor, Caleb with his mouth open spitting out more of it. David freakin' out and Nathan standing over - stunned - at this spectacle. In a split second I am certain this isn't bleach. The container is way out of reach, it isn't white and it isn't chunky.

Ok, I calm down some, and ask my spitting son. "What is that?"
Caleb points to the Crisco shortening. "I thought it was frosting!"

I laugh out loud. Which receives 3 kids horrified looks? She is laughing when Caleb is poisoned?

I say: "Caleb it is not bleach, you are going to be ok. Try and calm down. Come in here and brush up your teeth and mouth. It isn't frosting but it isn't poison either. Lets clean you up.You are going to be ok."

After everything settled I was informed that his snitching of "frosting" was my fault. I assume this was because I didn't give him enough batter to lick on his spoon the day before. Whatever.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I received my first check from restitution today!
In July it will be 3 years since my purse was stolen. (I was 8 mo pregnant with Nathan)

All 3 people who wrote my checks all over WI were caught, convicted and served time.
2 of the 3 are out on probation and are now working.
That means yesterday I open my mailbox to find my first check from the state of WI Department of Corrections.

It looks like it will be a long time before I get all the court ordered for me, but hey it's a start.

I was able to show David the check too which helps him see the final chapter in the justice of the system. A good lesson for my son who wants to be a cop.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lake Emily Camping part 2

Caleb is really growing up fast. He is so much gusto. He was just flying thru the campground on his bike (still training wheels but he goes like lighting!) and gets up so much force that taking his left turn to our site results in a full fledge crash. Good thing he had on a helmet he told me later. Yes good thing!

Caleb at the lake was great too. He walked out with Zach's innertube and decided to lean on it like Samantha. Then he began to kick his legs and propell himself thru the water over to John. His smile was huge. He went in the water past the part where he could no longer stand and was so proud of himself. Then he got brave enough to do that with no innertube and really overcame some of his fears.

Both my oldest boys really dislike the water so this is really a huge deal!

Camping with the 3 boys was WAY easier this year than last. Everyone is now old enough to respect the firepit without a hundred warnings. Nathan is substantially more independant and Caleb is now in the big kids crowd. Whatever Zach, Sam and David were doing Caleb was keeping right up with them.