Wednesday, October 22, 2014

John and Jenny Celebrate 20 years of Marriage

I made a little video slide show of our last 20 years.
I noticed a number of things while putting it together:

  • We have very few pictures of our years prior to having children (there were 7 of those)
  • We don't have many pictures of all of us together 
  • We have almost no winter pictures

Click on the link to the youtube video below to watch:

911 Emergency

Just another day at the Baierls, except this one ends in an ambulance ride to University of WI Emergency Room. Nathan was totally normal all day and evening, no signs of illness or distress.  But when I went up to go to bed at 12:30 AM, I hear him breathing  and I know there is a problem. I get him up and downstairs and I know right away this is serious. We have seen/heard this before. This is Croup.  Nathan spent a night and day in the hospital for Croup 5 years ago.  After he tries to talk he tells John he can't breathe and feels like he is choking.  I get the shower as hot as possible for steam and John calls EMS.  The steam helps some, but he isn't getting enough oxygen so off to the hospital we go.  He was given oxygen in the ambulance and steroids in the ER.  He was monitored for several hours.  Finally he is discharged at 5:30 Am.  We had a few hard nights, but all is better now. Thank you Lord for modern medicine!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Corn Maze - Help, This is NOT the Way!

This is a relatively new tradition for us Baierls.  We have always gone to get pumpkins and decorated them, but about 3 years ago we discovered how much fun a corn maze can be.  Now that all the kids are old enough to be "lost in the corn" for a short time, it is really fun.  This year we took a few buddies along.  This is so much more fun when you have 8 kiddos getting lost in the corn. Incidentally, look at the picture below.  They all look like they could be my children! See if you can decipher which 3 are Baierls. :) It was especially fun because you could always here one of the kids in the group exclaiming:"This is not the way!" LOL

Here are a few pictures:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nathan Turns 7!

Superheroes united for a fun filled afternoon of birthday party action at the Baierl house.  Inspired by David's 7th birthday party Ben 10 pizza's, Nathan requested his birthday dinner be unique pizzas also.  This was actually fairly easy (and awfully cheesy!)  I used food coloring to make red, green, and blue cheeses.  Then I used aluminum foil to cover the areas I didn't want colored.  Here is the final product: Captain America's shield, Green Lantern's ring, and Iron Man's arc reactor.


Nathan enjoyed having 6 buddies over for pizza, games, cake, and ice cream.  It was a loud and roudy 3 hours, but we enjoyed the last Baierl boy turning 7.  Nathan is such a blessing. Here are pics of the party celebration.