Monday, October 22, 2012

Guatemala Part 6

Journal Entry Day 5

David writes:
"Today we went painting more houses.
There was a kid who is 10-13 years old that helped us paint all day.
 I thanked him alot.
At lunch I played Uno.
I went to the orphanage and played baseball with some kids. 
There were a couple of naughty kids there and one that kept pinching my cheeks.
ne naughty kid there bit dad and a third one kept repeating everything we said while sticking out his tongue.

Yesterday, Toni had a frog in her toilet!
Today she found a frog in her bathtub!

At dinner we tried a bunch of different types of Guatemalan food.
There was a lot of bugs today for some reason."

A not from Jenny:
David felt sorry for Toni and Mary.  But he also chuckled a lot while he told us abut their creature companions.  Toni is a former Sunday school teacher of David's. He knows her very well.  She was very repulsed by her creature companions, especially the bats.