Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guatemala part 4

Journal Entry Day 3

David writes:
"Today I was able to the dump.
I served the drinks and there was a lot of them.
the lady who was giving the tortillas was practically mobbed!
Inside the dump, people would walk barefoot into the hot burning coals
and the smoke to get pieces of trash.
They built their houses right next to the smoke!
If Nathan or Caleb start crying and whining abut how unfair it is that he doesn't get a stuffed animal
then look at the people in the dump!

There was a lot of CDs at the dump for some reason."

Note from Jenny:
The days following David and John's return, David spoke a lot about the dump.
He told us how Hope of Life go there  to distribute a meal, 3 times a week.
He said many of the people (kids) only eat 3 times a week.
He was amazed that they were so filthy and picking thru the trash.
He also said that the drinks he served them, he pured into their bottles.  Many of those bottles they picked out of the trash to get filled by Hope of Life volunteers.  He was saddened by the state of these people and many times talked abut the literal stench of the place and the people.
Several times as we have sat down to lunch or supper he says this.