Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Caleb - Mr. Sensative Smell

Frequently Caleb will comment on how something smells.

"What is THAT smell?!?!"

He comments on my morning coffee "argh that smells gross!"

He comments on the Christmas Wreaths at Fleet Farms entrance.
"Oh I love that smell of Christmas"

I always have him sniff the candles at the grocery store before I buy one.
He has an exceptional sniffer.

Well today - his smeller gave him something to talk about.

Someone broke a bottle of something unrecognizable in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot.
I have to tell you I can't even identify what that is - or what that was. Yuck.
Well we were there this morning buying milk and Caleb noticed.

" OH PEE U! (add gag reflex)
What is THAT SMELL!!!! (add nose hold)
Smells like Moose Poop!"

"moose poop?" I ask. What does moose poop smell like Caleb?"
He points out the van door - "Like that - blaah quick shut the door!"

I laughed so hard all the way home that my tummy hurt by the time I got to the driveway.
Moose Poop - LOL

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Santa Visit

This past Saturday, Santa came all the way from the North Pole to Evansville to take pictures with the kids and collect their Christmas wish lists.

We got some great footage of Caleb and Nathan visiting with Santa this year. Both of them are at that perfect age where Santa is no longer "scary".

Afterward, Jenny and Nathan went for a ride with one of Evansville's finest, while I took David and Caleb next door to the library to make a Christmas tree ornament craft. Karen met us in town and was able to get post-firetruck-ride footage and an interview with Nathan.

We had such a fun time!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Building life-skills

This is John posting (doesn't happen very often). I got some footage last night that I'm sure you'd be interested in seeing.

As you know, Caleb is learning how to read and doing such a great job at it. It's so wonderful to see, right before your very eyes, how this life-skill becomes the foundation of another life-skill, Godly character. We're so proud of him!

And to add a little twist and action to the plot, Nathan decides he wants to do it too. He shows proof that humans are born with a sinful nature, not 100% innocent like some people think.

This is more real-life than any reality show you'll ever watch.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nathan's Heart Check up

Yet another trip the UW Children's Hospital. Nathan had an Echocardiogram, EKG, and Exam/consult this past week.

His levels are still the same as last time. Peek gradients of 70's, but no ventricular thickening or damage. That means when his blood pressure is 102/60 on his arm it is actually 172/60, in his heart. So his case is in review with the Pediatric Cardiology Intervention Surgical team.

Since he is getting older and his body growth is on track, his heart condition will be reviewed to see if now is the time a Balloon Valvuloplasty would be most effective. We won't hear any recommendations until Christmas time so we will keep you posted.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Update on AWANA

Well we made thru our first month of club.

We had 2 BARF (bring a real friend) nights and now have a larger club. We had 13 guests on the first night - 7 on the second night. 9 of those kids signed up to come weekly. So now we have a regular attendance of 54 kids. Isn't that something - we are thrilled beyond measure. 20 Truth and Training kids (Grades 3-6), 16 Sparks (grades K-2) and 18 Cubbies (3-4 yr olds). 25 of the kids who come are not a part of the church and are outreached from the community.

As a side note, on our first BARF night I, Jenny, actually got barfed on. Go figure. It is cold/flu season and the most adorable Cubbie (4 year old girl) was playing in game time. She told her leader that her belly hurt. The leader got me, I talked to her and decided to call her mom. While we were waiting for mom to arrive, I looked over and just knew she was going to get sick. I picked her up and ran to the bathroom. We made it - sort of. The first vomit was in the stall but not in the toilet - rather we got it on the toilet, stall walls and my lanyard and arm/hand. The second vomit got in/on the toilet and the 3rd vomit was a direct hit. I guess I get better with practice. Whew - can't have a dull moment on a AWANA night.

I was thankful I had a split second to notice the look of certain vomit - one that I have seen many a times from my boys. I was so thankful it did not happen in game time all over the AWANA game square or in my hair. So it will go down in history as a great AWANA night story.
Gettin' barfed on during BARF night. I will be more careful on our naming of theme nights in the future. HA.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Another post

Here's another post
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Some pictures of trick or treating
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