Monday, October 22, 2012

David's comment on a woman's brain

David made an interesting comment this morning,while doing our school work, regarding how men and women think.

He says:" A woman's mind is like a big ball of rubber bands.
It is able to have many things wrapped around it all at the same time. A man's mind is like a Rubik's Cube. It can only move 1 piece at a time."

My mouth drops open and my eyebrows raise.

He then informes me that he heard this description at Crescent Lake Bible Camp, from his camp counselor,during their mens class.

I think to myself, maybe a few other  people I know should attend this mens class! Because that was a pretty good visual picture of just  how  a multi tasking women's brains work. The visual picture of a Rubik's Cube is a great  description of being single threaded in a thought process.

I have to admit though, my rubber band ball, is having a hard time wrapping itself around my son's knowledge of a woman's brain.