Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vomit and more Vomit

So we go to chuck E cheese - we come home and vomit. So is life. I know I have said it many times before but truly "The longer I am a parent the more I must admit - I am becoming a germophobe!" Soon I will progress to being Obsessive Compulsive about germs. It never was THAT bad when I had 1 child. Let me tell ya - one entrance of a virus in here could be days of "makin' the rounds". If each kid takes 2 -3 days, and they don't overlap, I could be catching vomit for a long time. sigh.

Caleb got it first on Monday night. Until Wednesday afternoon he couldn't even keep 1 ounce of water or anything down. Since he hadn't kept anything down for 2 whole days I took him in. ( my grandma called - Is it the Swine flu?) - No Grams - not the swine flu.

Same thing the Dr always says - virus - go home give him rest.

The longer I am a mom the more I wonder "why do we even go to the DR?" These guys give you the wrong info half the time and the other half they tell you what mom already knew!

(I go because I have a grandma who will chew my ear off if I don't - truth be told)

Nathan has it now only he keeps swallowing his vomit. GROSS!

So in an effort to end this entry on a funny note - here is a great picture my mother in law sent me regarding the swine flu - which I REPEAT we do NOT have:

how it all started:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The last of the baby stage - Nathan's last teeth.

Nathan has 4 teeth to go before his baby teeth are complete. Well, they are all coming in at the same time. Poor kid. He is a drool/booger mess and to top it off he got a bloody nose today to boot. Poor guy tripped on the shoes and fell right on a buckle. If I even look at him funny he knows I am comin' to wipe his nose. I can't imagine I would like that much either.

As I was working my nursery shift at church today, one of my former high school Sunday school students brought in his 2nd baby (a chubby bubba of a boy). It was so weird to sign him in and care for a baby of a former high school student. I felt so OLD - but indeed that crew of "kids" we taught are now in their mid to late 20's. (This particular student-turned-dad, we watched play high school basketball! - weird ) His son was just like my David as a baby. Huge head and super roly poly body and all smiles. It was a joy to have him in my arms.

While feeding this little one his bottle, I was thinking about Nathan getting his last 4 teeth and that indeed the baby stage is soon going to be distant memory. I smile at the thought that I will soon be the nursery worker who has no kids nursery age! The light at the end of the tunnel is not only visible it is getting brighter and bigger by the minute!

After church we went out to eat. We had 2 elderly couples approach us and tell us our kids were cute and well mannered. I know they were taking a moment to remember what it was like to eat out with their kids when they were little (the kids are probably Seniors themselves , judging by the age of the couples). I smiled and tried to just enjoy the moment with my three little men eating food that was prepared by someone else.

Then we did the ultimate mom of young kids activity. Chuck E Cheese. (we met cousins Zach and Samantha there) Caleb had 20 birthday tokens to burn and we weren't about to waste them. I smiled at the fact that David was old enough to be on his own and that Caleb was with dad and Nathan was with me. As I was helping Nathan play a game I saw a couple walk by the mall window and peak in. They obviously were past the chuck e cheese stage of life and smiled in at the wild crazy activity beyond the window.

Then I said :" ok God that was 3 times you whispered to me enjoy them now because they grow so fast, I am hearing you." So tonight I am going to go to bed and instead of complain when Nathan wakes up or Caleb needs to go potty or get a drink, I will remember that these are the good ol' days and soon they will no longer be my little boys. They will be men.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Caleb reads his 1st book - hooked on phonics

I have been working with Caleb (and Olivia) with letter recognition and letter sounds for some time now. (whenever it is quiet that is - so not nearly as often as I did with David)

Today I had an extra amount of time as Nathan took a 2 hour nap. So I decided to pull out the hooked on phonics CD game and play a few rounds of letter sounds with Caleb. He passed the 1st 3 games and I began to think - "Hey maybe this kid could read the 1st Hooked on Phonics book!"

I assure you he has never seen this book before. (and for you sceptics I did not read it to him either) I had him sound it out 1 time before I grabbed the camcorder. I am amazed! He is 2 days past his 4th birthday! (David was reading at 4 also but he had LOADS more mom teaching time)

That hooked on phonics is worth its weight in gold! Thanks Grandpa Paul for forking out the money for it YEARS ago. It still is paying dividends and will for years to come!
Here is the clip:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

more clips from the WI Dells

Here are are few of my favorite clips from the Dells trip- David and Caleb are just 2 months shy of being 4 years apart - so David is twice Caleb's age right now. David is no small boy but look at Caleb next to him. I tell you what, I keep telling David that he and Caleb are on the same team and that he better be nice to him because Caleb is going to be bigger than him someday. Looks like that day is coming up soon. Caleb is just like Grandpa Art - BUILT! The kid has pipes! Carrying him will be the death of my back - he is a brick! (funny 'cause we seriously considered naming him MASON!)

Now this one is funny - David and Naomi (no they did not share a bed for the vacation) - just watching a show together - Jon and Kate plus 8 as a matter of fact! - Naomi left when they changed the TV to the military channel and then Noah was in there instead.

Here is one of Nathan - he was fascinated with the fireplace.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Caleb turns 4 - Happy Birthday!

My middle child is now 4. Sometimes it is hard to believe, sometimes not so hard to believe.

Our family went to the WI Dells and stayed in a 3 bed condo with good friends and had a great time. The kids each had a buddy and we had water park and arcade fun, good food and even some relaxation for us adults.

I wasn't awake at the exact 4 year mark of Caleb's birth this morning. (He was born at 1:11 AM on his due date) but I did have a brief moment to reflect on his birth. His birth was just the beginning of us finding out about Caleb. Caleb was born 22 minutes after we made it to hospital - a boy determined to make his desires accomplished in haste. He was our largest baby (9 lbs). He never cared to be rocked - he wanted you to lay him down in the crib and walk away. Mr. independent. (touch has never been his love language)

Now at 4, he is already the child that has made me laugh the most. The best stuff comes out of his mouth. He has a great sense of humor. Many of his greatest hits have been posted right here in this blog.

The best moment though was last night when the activity of a condo filled with people was bustling about us. He had finished his cake and I was wiping up his hands and mouth. I told him how thankful I was that God gave him to be my son for 4 whole years and that I loved him super much. Then he hugged me and gave me a kiss on my head and said "I know mom - I love you too." An unsolicited hug from him is a huge deal - but to have it added by his words of "I know" was a wonderful tribute to the last year I was able to spend with him. (no homeschooling brother - no nursing infant brother = more mom+caleb time)

I am crying tears of joy as I post this - he is secure in the knowledge that he is indeed loved.

Thank you God for the privilege of being this little man's mom. May there be many many more birthday celebrations!

P.S. the cake was a volcano - just like from the rainforest cafe (see previous post)

Here is a clip:

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Eggs

Forgot to get this off the camcorder. This is my 3 boys plus Noah Hionis coloring Easter Eggs.
Notice the giggles and high fives - it was grand. Also notice the kind and helpful heart of our good buddy Noah. His mom should be so proud to have such a great kid.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

David's report card

David brought home his 3rd quarter report card this past week:
Outstanding in Reading (highest score)
Very good in Spelling, Science and Math. (second highest score)

His teacher made these comments:
David continues to make great progress this year. His reading level is still high above his grade level. Math is also an area of strength for David. He catches on to new concepts while applying the previous concepts. His homework routine is excellent. He has developed a tougher skin, while keeping his innocence and morals.

Recently he has talked more about the class bully at home. He told me in the van ride to school why he thought this bully acted the way he did. He said it was because he doesn't believe in God. I asked him why he thought that and he said that this boy told David that God did not make people and that God doesn't really exist. Then David said: "Well he is wrong, mom."
So I was especially glad to read the last sentence about his innocence and morals.

In addition to his report card he also came home with a "True Blue Character" award from his principal. The character they recognized in David was Trustworthiness. At a recess the week before spring break David helped a boy with a bully. (This bully is not the one in his class but another bully that is in the 1st grade that has picked on one of David's best buddies). Well this bully was not picking on David's friend but was picking on some other boy. So David went over and helped him out and told him: "You can trust me, I will help you." Well one of the recess supervisors heard him and saw him protect this 1st grader and nominated him for the award.

So way to go David! You sure make me proud little man.

As a side note David has told me repeatedly that he wants to be a policeman. I think that would be a good fit, don't you?