Monday, October 15, 2012

Guatemala part 3

Journal Entry Day 2
David writes:
"We went to church today.
It was hard to understand the lyrics, but some songs are the same ones we sing back home, except they are in Spanish.
We got to go and see the baby rescue center, orphanage special needs center and the hospital.
We decided to take the road to dinner and got lost.
When we got back to the rooms we saw there was an ant invasion in our wall!
In fact there was a nest inside one of the walls of our room.

Como-say-yama means what is your name.
I used that phrase a lot today."

P.S. Guatemalan girls think I am cute.

Side note from Jenny - Everywhere David went, he would have a group of girls following and commenting about his blond hair.  David began to recognize the word Canche.  Which means blond.