Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bahama Mama

For years I dreamed of escaping. I imagine it is a little bit like how inmates dream of escaping.....

Not that I honestly feel like I live in jail being a stay home mom. But as the years accumulate, it becomes really easy to loose all sense of being you. You cook food that your kids will eat. Your vacations are camping, because it is what the kids like. You drive the infamous mom mobile van because you need to pack the kids in. You shlep your hair in a pony tail because you haven't got time to wash, condition,dry and curl.

Now, a long time ago I came to the realization that this life isn't about me. I also have heard very clearly you seasoned moms encouraging me to race the good race. That soon enough those boys of mine will be adults and gone. I am more than half way there with David and I hear you loud and clear.

I know you all are not lying to me. But I have to tell you, as you are living thru the preschool years, it is VERY hard to believe you. So many of you have told me that I will blink and they will be men and gone. Blink Blink - oh they are still here and they still can't find their shoes! ARGH.

Still that hasn't prevented me from wanting to fly off and vacation somewhere alone. No dishes to clean, no pot roast to cook, no music lessons to run off too, no spelling lists, no laundry!

I would watch John fly off to his brothers wedding in sunny CA without me or to beautiful Texas. But I was pregnant, with a new baby or nursing. Not that he didn't deserve to go have fun. But this is hard to remind yourself when there is puke in your hair and you are on 3 hours sleep, interrupted sleep.

So after 18 years of marriage and 10 years of being a full time mom, I decided I was due. I actually did it. I went on a girlfriend trip. 5 days and 4 nights to Paradise Island in the Bahamas.

It was indeed Paradise.
The best part - hmm hard to choose. 5 days of going to eat without making any of the food or cleaning any of the dishes. Yup, I would have to say that trumped even the 80 degree beach weather. Maybe it was waking up and being able to spend alone time with the Lord on the harbor dock as the stingrays pass under the bridge. (once the Lord sent a dove to sit next to me-smile) Oh wait , could have been the nap on the private island in a hammock. Hmm that was NICE!

For you ladies who are reading this who are currently nursing or potty training,
or both. Your day is coming and you should feel no guilt when you fly off and take that day coming to you. I'll help you book your trip:) I know a good place.

I love my kids and my husband, but getting away was a good thing for everyone. Plus John's stock went WAY up after he supported me going on the trip and held down the fort while I was away. I hadn't traveled anywhere without John for 16 years! And you know what? I really missed him. A good realization because as they say:" Your boys will grow up and move out before you know it!" This Bahama mama says :"Bring it on!"

Friday, February 17, 2012

Caleb Piano

Here is the clip I promised Grandma Lynn of Caleb at Piano class.
He has had 4 lessons so far.
At the end of the clip you see his teacher looking at his feet. He thinks it is funny to push the pedals. It is an inside joke between him and his teacher. I don't think she sees it as funny anymore. But Caleb is still very much having fun with it.

David plays guitar

Per your request Grandma Lynn. A clip of David's guitar practicing.

It seems like I never have time to make a blog post anymore.......

Nathan Finishes Hooked on Phonics- Level 1

Amazing - This 4 year old boy can read over 125 words! Proud Mama!