Saturday, May 3, 2014

Caleb turns 9

Here is my middle son in all his birthday glory.

Caleb loves all things science. He is my outdoorsman. 

He also has a keen eye (or shall I say tongue) for food science.  He loves to expirement with concoctions in the kitchen. Several of his winners have made it into my cookbook.  I think he should work for Jelly Belly and make the next gross jelly bean flavor.

I have truely enjoyed these years with  the boys. They are flying by now with our many commitments, but it is a good kind of busy.  I am amazed Caleb is already 9.

Visiting the dairy farm

Field trip time!
Finally spring is here so off to the dairy farm we went to learn about milk and cheese production. We toured Larson Acres farms were they milk 2,400 cows 3 tmes day. Holy Cow! It is a huge business.  Here are a few random pics of the boys enjoying the farm.

We are havin' fish tonight!

Nathan caught 2 rainbow trout and Caleb caught 2 brook trout. 55 inches of grilled goodness for supper tonight! Nathan caught the huge 18 inch trout. All the fish were caught with our Spiderman fishing pole. That thing can really bend! Good times.