Friday, October 19, 2012

Guatemala part 5

Journal Entry Day 4

David writes:
Yesterday, I saw a scorpion.
Toni and Mary's room has bats!
The ant invasion stopped.
The ants disappeared.
We painted three houses today and handed out stuffed animals.
We saw some coconut, lime, and mango trees today.
We met a woman named Jesus but it is pronounced
Hey Zews.  Her husband committed a crime and has run away.
He is wanted by the police. He has not been found."

Note from Jenny:
After David returned, I had many people from the trip tell me how much of a hard worker David was.
Many of them mentioned how he worked so hard painting in the heat this day.  I guess it was a 100 degrees.
David realized that probably the man who commited the crime would never be found and that he abandond his family.  He had a few questions about how come the police are different than they are here.
He also said that he was certain I would freak out over his scorprion discovery.  I didn't.