Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tommy Bartlets Space Exploratory

This week I took my boys and one of their buddies (John Patrick) to Tommy Bartlett's Space Exploratory. I called the school and picked up David at 10:30 on a normal Tuesday. I gave no reason, I just told them: " have my son ready in 5 minutes".

I picked him up and told him that I just felt like having a fun day with him and his brothers. Boy that sure made his day. I can't count all the times he said something like: "and everyone else is at school right now!"

We arrived at noon, ate McDonald's for lunch (they were thrilled beyond measure) and were the ONLY patrons at the space exploratory for the whole day! What a treat to be all alone with 4 floors of science hands-on exhibits, and 4 boys who are totally into it!

Afterwards we went to Culver's for ice cream. "Have anything you want" I said. They ate chocolate ice cream with nerds sprinkled on top. GROSS! It was their science experiment. They LOVED it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

January happenings

The month of January is flying by. Good thing too - I Loathe winter.

Here are a few updates from this month:

Nathan is now hiding to do his business in his pants. So if you can't find him for a few minutes you know he is pooping. He is just about ready to potty train. If you happen to walk by him as he is "hiding" he will look at you and say with a red face "I not pooping!" Then 2 minutes later he will ask for a diaper change. "I done not pooping!"

I have put him in the big boy underpants a few times and allowed him to stand naked in front of the toilet but to no avail. He sure feels like Mr. Important though.

Caleb is really getting good at his phonics. He can read about 200 words now. I just received his Kindergarten curriculum today. He is ready to begin some if it but since he isn't officially Kindergarten age until the next school year I will pick thru it when he is receptive.

He is so very much more mature than David was at this age. His cognitive reasoning is sharp. I think I will teach him chess this year.

Just the other day I was scolding Caleb for something (I can't remember what it was now) and he got that glazed over look in his eye and then politely said:
"It's just too many words mom - too many words" Hand gesture and head shake to boot.

David is now taking Tae Kwon Do and he is doing well and enjoying this new sport. He is really getting the homework lately. I often wonder what gets done at school?! During his Christmas break he had to read a book on Pennsylvania (176 pages) and fill out a 4 page questionnaire on it. Now we are doing a shoe box float and preparing an oral report on Pennsylvania for next month.

That is our news - what is up with you?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Caleb won't be outdone

While hanging up the Christmas ornaments, the kids and I discovered a snowman ornament David made in 2nd grade. It is a snowman made out of a bobby sock. David shows it off like it is the best thing ever.

Caleb quietly decides on his own that he will not be outdone. Without any help or knowledge on my part, Caleb goes to the kitchen and begins his snowman sock ornament.

I kid you not, he takes off his dirty sock from his foot, rummages around the art supplies and finds 2 google eyes. He finds the glue to glue them on. He pushes a chair to the sink to get the toothpick for the nose that is out of reach. He finds one and shoves it in the sock for the snowman's nose. He then gets out the markers and draws in the rosy cheeks and the snowman smile. He continues to find ribbon to tie a knot around the top to allow it to hang as an ornament should.

He runs into the living room to show off his snowman ornament. I am giggling inside because of the independence of his craft, the thought that he too should have one on the tree, and the rivalry that this event represents.

We proudly hang it on the tree.

So for years to come, if you visit at Christmas, be sure to look for our dirty sock ornament.

Surely it will be displayed right in front for all to admire. :)