Saturday, October 13, 2012

Guatemala part 1

A few weeks have past now since David and John have returned from their mission trip.
While they were away, I asked David to keep a journal.  This was an English assignment for him to record the days' activities.  From this journal he was to produce a personal narrative/thank you letter to anyone who supported him financially.We will post the letter he wrote in one of the next entries.

The next several posts will be excerpts from his trip's daily journal.

Before the posts begin, I would just like to say how very blessed I feel  for David and John to have the opportunity to go on this mission trip.  I was glad for them to go together and grow closer to each other and the Lord as He directed their days.  It was an absolute tear filled joy to read his journal entries. 

For those of you who contributed your prayers and financial resources, to you I will be forever grateful.
It was the joy of my mother's heart to read and hear of David and John's trip from the writings he made each day.  What an amazing opportunity for an 11 year old boy.