Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guatemala part 7

Journal Entry Day 6

David writes:
"Today we dedicated the well.
I noticed that they didn't do it in the name of Jesus,
 but in the name of Carlos Vargas the leader of Hope of Life!
We also distributed Bibles to a village that had none.
We also traveled to a village that had never seen Americans before!
Sally our guide, said they were saying Why are they giving us this?"

A note from Jenny:

David mentioned that the village they distributed Bibles too was very difficult terrain.
In order to reach a house you needed to climb over uprooted trees. It was very steep and
he mentioned that here is where he noticed that everyone has their kitchens outside their houses.

He also talked to us about them dedicating the well in the name of Carlos Vargas.  I think some of the message was lost to David in the translations of the language.  I was able to watch a video that John took of the well dedication.  Clearly communicated is the message that the water was a gift to them from God. Josh did an outstanding job of telling the village inhabitants that the water they were provided was because of Christs love and sacrifice for them. They should be reminded each day they come to drink of the daily provision of water and also the living water provided thru Christ.  Can you imagine going without clean water? I sure can't.....