Thursday, December 11, 2014

David plays in the band

Today was a moment for the record book.  David has been taking guitar lessons for a few years. Today, they got put to good use. 

We helped lead a worship service at the Manor here in Evansville at the last minute. With 1 day notice, we agreed to come and sing and play. 

David played guitar, I sang solo, his best friend played piano, and his best friend's brother played base guitar. The 3 boys have been rehearsing for leading worship this coming Sunday.  I had never heard them all together. Then at the last minute, they decide to do the service for the elderly at the Manor. They had no singer as the teen girls who sing with them were not available at the last minute. So they asked me to sing.

We never rehearsed and I never heard them together before going in the door. 15 minutes later magic happened.  They played and I sang and David and I shared the best moment. We preformed Hallelujah by Cloverton. It will  be a treasured memory for years.