Monday, September 24, 2012

Caleb's 2nd grade class

Caleb is kneeling in the 2nd row with a blue Angry Birds sweatshirt.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Back in the USA!

Just got word that John and David landed in Atlanta.

I am so excited to hear about the mission trip to Guatemala.

Thank You LORD for a safe return to the states.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guatemala bound

and they're off....

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lego Creations

David doesn't have many hobbies.  He is an insatiable reader, he enjoys video games, he likes difficult paper airplanes, and he makes lego creations.  That pretty much sums up his free time activities.

Just a quick blog post to show off his latest lego airplane.  This was not a kit. He made it up by himself.

Bow and Arrow Squirrel Hunting

If you would've asked me which super hero Caleb is, I would've told you it was the Hulk. He has a similar short fuse and you really won't like him if he is angry.

Now,  I might say: "Move over Green Arrow, your predecessor has arrived".

Caleb has taken a serious liking to our bow and arrow.  He regularly sneaks off outside for some quiet "squirrel hunting".

If he someday runs thru the door exclaiming: "I got one!" I am going to be in a heap of trouble.  After all, we are big believers in the saying: "If you kill it, you eat it."

Pickin' with da boys

The drought was hard on the produce picking this harvest.

We were fortunate to grab a couple Hionis boys and go raspberry pickin'at our favorite Blue Sky raspberry farm.

After about 30 minutes of pickin', we were done hunting for the few ripe berries remaining on the plants. We were able to find about 2 pints and that was the end of the ripe berries. A fun half hour and a good reminder of just how valuable rain really is.

Ice Cream !!!!!!

Remember that moment in your childhood when you heard and recognized that sound was the ice cream truck coming?  Well, we are living in that moment with a little help from our friends. 

Captain Jacks ice cream treats is making that memory for us each Monday as he brings his ice cream truck down our street.  Since his son is one of our Awana Sparks, it makea it evem more sweet.  Pun intended.

Shouts of " ICE CREAM!" and running feet are going to be remebered long after those calories have been consumed.

Thank You Captain Jack for making a sweet childhood memory for my boys.

Nathan's 5th Birthday

Today was an amazing day.  Our baby of the family turned 5 years old.

Nathan was excited to celebrate his birthday with his very first soccer game.  He is so excited to be old enough to participate in sports.

We went to Perkins for a birthday breakfast.  They sang to him and he wasn't shy about it.  He was thrilled to get the giant chocolate muffin.

The afternoon brought friends, a movie, popcorn from our new air popper, and cake and ice cream.
His buddy Asher came and they played glow in the dark soccer in our hallway.  Olivia came too.  It was nastalgic of preschool days gone by.  We hadn't had her come over in a long time. Nathan was teary eyed when she had to go.  I think he misses her daycare days with us.  

I was reminded of how sweet the Lord has been to Nathan so much today. As I made his cake, I added eggs to the batter and recalled how in his first birthday his cake was egg free.  

Now his multiple food allergies have been healed and they no longer rule his dietary choices. 

Also, as he ran around the soccer field, I smiled at his physical abilities.  No way would you guess he has a heart valve issue.  Four years ago we thought he would need surgery long before his 5th birthday. Today he reached 5 years old and has participated in all normal boy activities and his heart is holding strong with no outside intervention.  He even visits his pediatric cardiologist less times per year than before. 

God has been so good to him and us. What a blessing Nathan is to our family. He is a true testimony to faith.

He is surrounded by friends and family that love him, and he has enjoyed continued health and healing in his body.  It is easy to get  busy and forget to reflect on the past blessings in your life.  Today I was overwhelmed by how blessed Nathan is by his Heavenly Father.

It was a grand birthday celebration indeed.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Our last night of having a 4 yr old

There's just something special about ages 2 - 5. So much growing up, innocent naivety,  and just plain fun. They are magical years.

Tonight is our last night of living with a 4 year old. Nathan turns 5 tomorrow.

I'm really happy to see him turn 5, but am already missing 4.

Love you, Nathan!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The last of the firsts - Nathan looses his tooth

Not even 5 years old and already loosing teeth. 
 It is great to see them grow up fast when they are the first born. 
The baby of the family is so much harder. 
 I just don't want him to grow up too fast.

Caleb goes to school

The day has come.  Caleb goes to school for 2nd grade at our local public school.
He was up and ready without any asking on my part.
David encouraged him this morning:" Caleb, I think you will have a good first day."
Caleb responded:" I have a feeling I will!"

When we dropped off his supplies last week we noticed his classroom had a lot of dead bugs to examine under the microscope.  That couldn't have been any better for Caleb.  He is interested in rocks, shells and all things nature.  He has been looking forward to the microscope all week.

When I picked him up he was in high spirits.
"Mom, I don't have any bullies in my class.  I have some who look like bullies, but they're not!"
"I got lost at recess but Julius helped me find the right door."
"There is a paper schoolhouse on my desk, it is for tickets for good behavior.
We didn't get tickets today, but I would've gotten one if they did."
"I hardly did any work today. It was so easy!"

A good first day indeed.