Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our new backyard pet - Croakie

Ok so Toadie is dead and has his own headstone in our garden. (It is a big peice of bark from our landscaping) The produce next to him is growing well! :)

A few days ago we caught another random toad jumping around our hasta bushes. The kids name him Croakie (I thought that was appropriate for reasons that were different than the boys' reasons -smile)

John explains to them that we can put him in the habitat but he can't live in there like Toadie. He is MUCH bigger and will surely die in there. So later in the day with a tear filled Caleb we let him go. We tell Caleb that we are doing what is best for Croakie and that we will probably see him again because he will stay alive this way. (knowing the "next one" we see will actually be some other toad).

Well sure enough a few days later we see him again and 1 day after that we see him yet again. Well this sure was a good "lesson" especially for Caleb. He is SUPER excited that Croakie is living in our yard and eating our bugs.

Yesterday we saw him shoot out his tongue and catch a mosquito. Double good because Caleb just got a mosquito bite and is thrilled there is one less in our yard.

So this toad has taken up residence in our outdoor playhouse. So if you are over playing in our yard - Watch your step - there just might be a camouflaged toad nearby.