Saturday, June 6, 2009

David's new vocabulary

While David was playing at a park in Madison he learned a few new words. (I should mention he was there hanging out with a bunch of church friends after Sunday service no less)

David was running around "decoding secret messages". At least that is what he told me when I asked what game the boys were playing. Silly me I thought it was just a pretend game of spy.

Later that night John is reading the bible story and facilitating the bed time routine when David tells him about the game at the park.

Well come to find out the secret messages they were decoding were the things other naughty kids were writing on the park play equipment.

Now I am sure you have read that stuff just like I have, but this is the first time David had noticed it enough to read it. So he proceeded to tell us that he read the word f-ck. Yes he actually said that word out loud.

Thank goodness it was John who heard it first cuz I am sure it would have been repeated to see if my reaction could be duplicated.(probably by the little brother in the bottom bunk who has eagle ears no less)

John told David that was one of the worst words a person could say and told him that we would discuss it further at some time after sleep had occurred.

Fast forward 1 day and I am taking David to school - it is just him and I in the van. I bring up the subject of the bad word he read on the park walls. I asked him if he knew what it meant.

He said "it means that you really really hate someone - like when you give them the middle finger."

"HMMM how do you know about the middle finger?" I say trying not to overreact.

"Nick and Will told me about it. Don't worry I won't say that F - CK word or any thing like that mom."

So there it is folks - my disclaimer that it didn't come from inside this house. In the off chance you see or hear my oldest say that word or give you the finger. But you better tell me the instant it happens. :) Oh and there is no video or picture that goes along with this post - obviously.