Monday, June 15, 2009

A week of good news part 2

So for 12 days I have not been able to find my wedding ring. For the first few days it consumed my thoughts.

I have looked in every drawer, every pocket, the van, the garbage, the garbage disposal, and every other reasonable and unreasonable place.

I remember taking it off to put lotion on my hands at night when I was REALLY tired. Actually I was close to sleepwalking I was so tired. I even said to myself "Don't put your ring here you are so tired you will regret it. "

Suspiciously Caleb's Ben 10 Alien Omnitrix watch was also missing. Really unusual because he ALWAYS plays with that toy. So last night I realize "Hey one day I remember Caleb putting the omnitrix watch in his bed. I wonder if it is under his covers?" (he makes his own bed so it is actually possible)

I look and sure enough not only the omnitrix but my wedding ring is there! I felt like the woman in the Bible who found her lost coin, I wanted to shout from the mountiantops "I found it - come and rejoice with me!"