Sunday, June 14, 2009

A week of good news part 1

This past week has been one full of "Thank you God!"s

Tuesday David finished 2nd grade. It is great to see him more often. His teacher made all the kids a DVD of thier year, it was sweet. His report card was outstanding and we are happy to move on to the summertime fun.

Wednesday we went to visit Aunt Kiki. On the way there I got pulled over for speeding. I will never hear the end of it with David and Caleb. The officer came over adn asked for my licsense and left to check out my record. (which is clean by the way) Then David asked: "Mom, were you speeding?"

I said:"YES and now I will get a fine as my punishment."
Caleb pipes in and tells me "You shouldn't be speeding mom now we are in this ditch and not going to Aunt Kikis"
We wait and wait and wait. You know how hard that is when it is the 1st day of summer break you have somewhere to go and my 1st born is CONCERNED that we have pulled over into the ditch. Which he did not notice until his brother mentioned it.(it was just the side of the road but you couldn't convince him)

The officer returns with a warning. (I was going 13 over the speed limit no less!)
WOW I get GRACE! I don't think that has ever happened to me before - not getting a ticket when I deserved one. He must have looked into my van seen the crackers, the cooler of sippie cups, the blankie, the stuffed animal puppies, the boys telling me I was in trouble and the sleeping toddler in the car seat and realized I wasn't much of a threat to society. He probably knew I would be reminded for weeks to slow down.

Now every time I accelerate on an on ramp Caleb yells out "YOU'RE SPEEDING!"
(which I am not but you can't convince him)

more of the week in the next post