Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ready for Summer

So all of the boys (John included) are now sporting buzz cuts. (I wish I could do that to mine).
The pool is pumped up and filled. We have secured new water guns and have even bought a slide to go into the pool.

I have already had my first sunburn. David's hair is WHITE and his face is freckled. Nathan and Caleb both have the best farmers tans I have seen in some time.

I love summer.

I was getting my feet sandal pretty and Caleb requests for me to paint his toes too. I hesitate wondering if I should fill this request or not. What the heck - I paint his toes too. Then Nathan chimes in, he wants his done too. So both Nathan and Caleb have their toes done. I guess that is the closest I get to mom/daughter pedicures.

Mom - Do you want to get a pedicure with me?