Saturday, June 27, 2009

David's 8th Birthday

So this year we had a lego batman birthday party celebrating David's 8 years. (8 more and he will be behind the wheel of a moving vehicle!)

We played the batman theme song music as the guests were arriving. We greeted them in lego batman masks. Bat symbols hung from the ceiling in the living room and of course there were batarangs and legos galore.

Seems sort of weird to say but 8 has already proven to be a bit more Milestone - ish. He no longer needs a car seat, he finally gets to watch Pokeman (I should have made that provision 9years old) He moves up to Theodore Robinson intermediate school and he gets to be on the baseball teams that actually have numbers on the back of their uniforms - you know like the REAL baseball players have. (I remember when he dreamed of being on those teams when he was in t-ball - HA!)

Here are some clips and pics of the friend party - next post will have the details and pics of the family gathering that happened the next day.