Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kid's really do say some funny stuff!

A few random phases I heard yesterday and today - thought you might enjoy:

Olivia -(3 year old daycare girl) -" I don't have to pray at my house before I eat."
My response - "You do here. "
Olivia "Thank you God for this food...... can I eat now?"

Caleb (at the lake fishing) "What is that noise?"
Me "Those are frogs"
Caleb "Oh, I thought they were dinosaurs"
Caleb again "Do dinosaurs eat people?"
Me "Yes, but they are extinct"
Caleb " They stink people!"
Me "No they are EXTINCT - that means they are dead and gone forever and the frogs don't eat people either"

Olivia "I don't have to say 'may I be excused' at my house I just yell I'M DONE!!!!!!"
Me - "You are not at home"
Olivia "May I be excused?"

David (at the grocery store) "Don't ask Caleb - you know mom will say no."
Me - I said yes just to throw them a curve (well they were oreos)

Nathan being disobedient at the library -
I give him the 3 count - he reaches 3
Caleb exclaims "That's 3 mom - (turning to Nathan) boy are you in trouble!" (add Librarian laughing in background)

2 minutes later I am checking out a book and I hear Caleb giving Nathan the 3 count - add more librarian chuckling

At the grocery store checkout - the woman in front of me says:
"I have been watching your kids all thru the store and I just want to say they are so well behaved! Here is 4 dollars buy them all a treat on me." ( I stand with my jaw on the floor)
David - smile from ear to ear - "Can I have a hershey bar?"
Caleb - "M and M's!!!! Thanks!!!!! I have to go potty!"
Nathan as I hand him a kit kat "Yes - yes"

Nathan at the lake - (I point out the weird bird/duck walking thru the swampy area) "Moo"
Caleb and I start laughing - Caleb - "That is not a Moo Nathan"

David at the lake fishing - "I am a master at casting - look mom"
He misfires and it plops into the lake about 1 inch from him. A minute later he casts but lets go and his whole pole ends up in the lake.

David at the lake fishing again - " I caught a fish - I caught a fish!'
Me "Reel it in"
as soon as it gets close he freaks out "It's splashing"
John "If you get it out of the water it will stop splashing."
David "I don't want to touch it"
Caleb "Can I touch it?"

David (HOT day when all 3 boys have their shirts off) "Am I the only one in this family that has no fat on them?"
Me "Are you saying I am fat?"
David "Uhmm (hesitated) No?"
Me "Ok then"