Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A week of good news part 3 Update on Nathan's Aortic Heart Valve

Friday Nathan had his Pediatric Cardiology follow up appointment at UW Children's Hospital.

He was so calm and cooperative. What a blessing! We brought a Backyardigans movie from home and the ultrasound tech played it in the dvd that is mounted on the ceiling. What a difference a 30 minute Backyardigans can make! Needless to say he remained still thru the entire echocardiogram and the pictures and results were great quality. I was amazed at this almost 2 year olds behavior!

Since his last appointment he has become a body in motion. When we were evaluated last he was still an infant - not walking or cruising. Now he is full fledged willful toddler who is constantly moving. So this particular appointment was important to measure how well his heart is coping with the additional stress of increased physical activity and forcing the needed blood thru the obstructed valve.

The news was indeed good. Although we are still praying for his valve to perforate as it should have thru the Great Physician, his results were full of grace.

His left ventricle showed Zero signs of thickening and his pressure has not increased. His pediatric cardiologist said that he could stay at this level for years with no need for intervention.

So John and I left with no action items - no list of doctors to contact - nothing. We take Nathan back right before Christmas for another echocardiogram and consult to track his stenosis. What a great summer gift! Praise to our Lord for a good report.