Thursday, August 6, 2009

Caleb's first try at sports - baseball camp

After a summer of sitting in the bleachers watching big brother David play baseball, Caleb was ready to participate in his first organized sport. We enrolled him in Baseball camp (David too) and he is doing great. The ratio is pretty much one coach to one 4 and 5 year old and this is serving him well. When he has 5 free seconds he is playing in the dirt so John has been keeping him involved in the "organized" part of the sport.

After his 1st day at camp (1 1/2 hours/2 days a week) he informed me how to swing the bat correctly.

"Coach says you swing like this : LEVEL. You don't chop! LEVEL"

In print it really misses the candor of his eyes and hands and his voice which was very teacher like. As if I don' t know how to swing a bat, oh that is right I forgot, mom doesn't really know anything!

Nathan is also catching on to the sport after a summer of watching other kids play. He realizes that once the ball is hit, you run. I got a cute clip of his "running the bases".

I guess baseball really is America's past time. It sure is for us Baierls.