Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Little Prankster

So our whole family is sitting on the couch watching You Tube videos of Tim Hawkins. What a Hoot! If you have never seen any of his stuff, you really ought to check it out. Our favorite one is "Smells Like Birthday Cake".

Anyway, after watching several of these silly videos, Caleb gets the idea of being a little stinker and pulling a prank on dad. Caleb gets a glass from the cabinet in the kitchen fills it with water. He spills some on the floor so that someone will slip on it later. (We had just finished a video of slipping on a banana peel) Then he comes over with ZERO warning that he is up to something, and proceeds to dump the glass of cold water right over Johns head. Well, John took it in good humor and we all laughed and laughed. Thank goodness for all involved that Caleb did not pick me. I am certain my reaction would have been something quite different. :)

So after a good 2 minutes of belly roll laughing, Caleb decides to go get more water. Except he forgets about his "trap" and slips and falls in it himself. Now this would have been extremely funny had he not got hurt. But true to life, he breaks the glass and has not only a good bonk on his bottom and arm but also little glass pieces everywhere. Party is over! John and I run over and access the situation. Between sobs we discover that Caleb has a small glass cut but he is actually crying over the fact that he broke the glass, not over being hurt.

John tells him we don't care about the glass - it is replaceable. What we care about is Caleb because we can't replace him. He calms down and we clean up. 5 minutes later we are all laughing again over the whole thing.