Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last Summer Hoorah

This past Wednesday we did our last Hoorah of the summer. A trip to WI Dells to see the magic show.

I had a friend watch Nathan for me so John and I could just take the older boys. We went to the Rick Wilcox Magic show. We stopped at Moose Jaw for a pizza and games before the show and had a great time there. David and I are addicted to "deal or no deal".

The magic show was worth ever dollar we spent. Now that is a lot coming from me. I expect a lot when I spend $39 a seat for a magic show. If you have never seen this show I would highly recommend it. My boys were wide eyed and open mouthed thru much of the show. Caleb laughed out loud several times. We were CLOSE and could see how things were done - well sort of. At one point John asked Caleb "How did he do that?" to which Caleb replied "Magic!"

It was magic - thanks Rick for the great show and the end note of this summer.

oh and one more thing - they were selling light sabers and this time we bought them.