Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sun Praire Corn Festival

Sunday after church we went over to the Sun Praire corn festival. Enjoying our last fair of the season. We again ate all kinds of fair food - but no corn, funny. Man did I pay for that later - getting to old for this - sigh.

The boys ran thru the fun house and Caleb and David enjoyed the bumper cars. The smile on Caleb's face was HUGE!

Nathan got his arm painted with balloons and Caleb got the bat symbol on his hand. All 3 boys bounced around in the bounce houses for quiet a while. David got his first turn trying to shoot out the whole star with the shotgun shooting game. He really did good. We kept that paper star. It was sort of a right of passage - he really is growing up fast.

Caleb got to throw his first dart at the "pop a balloon" game. He actually popped one. We were all surprised by that. Of course his balloon was a point value of 1 and the light saber on display was 16 points. Oh well, it was a good lesson once again we don't get the light saber. 'Can't have every one you see you know. Maybe next time we told him.