Friday, August 28, 2009

Circus is in town

This past week we took all 3 boys to the circus. It was actually right here in Evansville. It was pretty 2nd rate but let me tell you my boys didn't care. The lions and tigers were CLOSE!! A bit unnerving to mom and dad - (Let's hope that cage is secure!) at the end of the video you can hear David saying that he is scared for the people in the cage.

The clown was actually funny. A first for us I think. The unicycle was absolutely amazing to Caleb who just learned to ride a bike with training wheels this summer.

Of course there was cotton candy and all sorts of assorted junk. We told the kids they could get cotton candy but not balloons or toys before heading into the show. Knowing full well the repeated asking for them would occur once we entered the big top. I think everywhere we go someone is selling swords or light sabers. This is just the thing Caleb is looking for. The vendors see us and think - hey 3 boys tlet's go over there with these light ups swords! It was a hard thing for him to go without but let's be real, it is a lesson he and all other boys and girls can stand to learn. We are so spoiled. We are continually discussing what is a need and what is a want. Sometimes I think we are getting thru, sometimes not so much.

Nathan was so excited about the animals and the close proximity of the jugglers and tightrope walkers he was a blast. Here is a clip.