Friday, August 7, 2009

Who invented this stuff?

We just got our new dining room floor installed. It is beautiful.

I spent a few hours the night before ripping up the old berber carpet and happily dragging it to the side of the road. (It reminded me of the post where I put the crib at the curb) I wash my hands of you old carpet. Curses to whoever made that berber junk and to me who was sold on the "quality berber carpet" that I foolishly put in the dining room (Give me some grace I didn't have 3 kids then)

Clearly the person who had made that berber junk did not have to clean it. Whoever invented that carpet should have done a test run in a family of little kids with mac and cheese and peas. I assure you it was not a housewife who made that stuff. Shame on me for being the one who bought it. But I have redeemed myself with this new pick (I have a few more years, and kids, under my belt now)

Now we have beautiful pergo laminate wood in the dining room that matches the original woodwork to the T. Not an easy thing when the house is 140 years old. I went to Home Depot and told the worker there "I have 3 boys, run a part time daycare and I want a floor that can be USED! Boy do I mean USED! I am talking matchbox cars, diecast airplanes, bouncy balls, action figure battlefields, dirty tennis shoes, snow boots and of course spilled food and drink of every kind times 3." She said - "You need laminate - either pergo wood or laminate tile."

Since home depot only had light colored laminate tile I went the pergo wood route. If they had something the color of good ol' fashioned dirt, I would have bought that. But this will do.

Now we can eat rice. :) It is sweep and swiffer, all done clean. I love it!

Whoever invented the swiffer should receive the nobel peace prize. What a dream, you spray, you push, you smile at the results. Even better it can be operated by a boy who needs a house job. :)

Speaking of house work. Yesturday I was at a physical for myself, and I was asked to describe myself using the following words on the card:

self employed

Hmmmmmmmmm what to say, what to say. I resist the urge to listen to the devil on my left shoulder and answer housewife. That is when it occurs to me, the word housewife is appropriate because when you stay home with kids, it really is the house you are married to isn't it? Notice how housewife was at the bottom of the list? - I did.

Who invented that list? Probably not the same person who invented the swiffer.