Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vomit and more Vomit

So we go to chuck E cheese - we come home and vomit. So is life. I know I have said it many times before but truly "The longer I am a parent the more I must admit - I am becoming a germophobe!" Soon I will progress to being Obsessive Compulsive about germs. It never was THAT bad when I had 1 child. Let me tell ya - one entrance of a virus in here could be days of "makin' the rounds". If each kid takes 2 -3 days, and they don't overlap, I could be catching vomit for a long time. sigh.

Caleb got it first on Monday night. Until Wednesday afternoon he couldn't even keep 1 ounce of water or anything down. Since he hadn't kept anything down for 2 whole days I took him in. ( my grandma called - Is it the Swine flu?) - No Grams - not the swine flu.

Same thing the Dr always says - virus - go home give him rest.

The longer I am a mom the more I wonder "why do we even go to the DR?" These guys give you the wrong info half the time and the other half they tell you what mom already knew!

(I go because I have a grandma who will chew my ear off if I don't - truth be told)

Nathan has it now only he keeps swallowing his vomit. GROSS!

So in an effort to end this entry on a funny note - here is a great picture my mother in law sent me regarding the swine flu - which I REPEAT we do NOT have:

how it all started: