Thursday, April 16, 2009

David's report card

David brought home his 3rd quarter report card this past week:
Outstanding in Reading (highest score)
Very good in Spelling, Science and Math. (second highest score)

His teacher made these comments:
David continues to make great progress this year. His reading level is still high above his grade level. Math is also an area of strength for David. He catches on to new concepts while applying the previous concepts. His homework routine is excellent. He has developed a tougher skin, while keeping his innocence and morals.

Recently he has talked more about the class bully at home. He told me in the van ride to school why he thought this bully acted the way he did. He said it was because he doesn't believe in God. I asked him why he thought that and he said that this boy told David that God did not make people and that God doesn't really exist. Then David said: "Well he is wrong, mom."
So I was especially glad to read the last sentence about his innocence and morals.

In addition to his report card he also came home with a "True Blue Character" award from his principal. The character they recognized in David was Trustworthiness. At a recess the week before spring break David helped a boy with a bully. (This bully is not the one in his class but another bully that is in the 1st grade that has picked on one of David's best buddies). Well this bully was not picking on David's friend but was picking on some other boy. So David went over and helped him out and told him: "You can trust me, I will help you." Well one of the recess supervisors heard him and saw him protect this 1st grader and nominated him for the award.

So way to go David! You sure make me proud little man.

As a side note David has told me repeatedly that he wants to be a policeman. I think that would be a good fit, don't you?