Sunday, May 3, 2009

Caleb's Hunger Strike

The vomits are over - everything has been washed and disinfected. We are back in business.

So we go to church today. We walked because it was really nice outside. We have a big breakfast of pancakes and sausage and make it to church by 8:30AM. A record for us.

On the way home Caleb asks to go to the BP. We agree but not for food, only a drink. The 3 blocks we walk to get there from church Caleb complains how he wants something to eat and drink. We say no, only a drink, we will get Gatorade. Each child picks a Gatorade.

We get to the checkout and Caleb starts crying. "I wanted something to eat!" After our mini-scene we get him out the door and I carry him all they way home crying about not getting anything to eat.

Still fuming when we get in the front door he exclaims to me: "I am NOT going to eat any of our snacks or anything else until I go back to the BP!"

Oh I am not concerned about this, annoyed yes, concerned no. Not this kid. There is NO WAY this kid will last on a hunger strike - not this one.

So I call his bluff. (I just went to the store and have a TON of goodies) So I pull out the big guns. The snack bin. I bring it right over to him and start rifling thru.

"Fruit Snacks?"
"Teddy Grahams?"
"Rits Bits?"
Macaroni and cheese crackers?"
"NO" Hesitated a little on that one
"Nutrigrain bar?"
"NO" arms crossed reiterate hunger strike intention.

Over walks David. He eye spies the bin.
"Hey, can I have some Macaroni and cheese crackers?"
I tell you it wasn't 8 seconds and Caleb caves. Hunger strike over.
I had to control my laughter because it was so darn classic.
Score: Mom/Dad: 1 Caleb: 0