Thursday, April 23, 2009

more clips from the WI Dells

Here are are few of my favorite clips from the Dells trip- David and Caleb are just 2 months shy of being 4 years apart - so David is twice Caleb's age right now. David is no small boy but look at Caleb next to him. I tell you what, I keep telling David that he and Caleb are on the same team and that he better be nice to him because Caleb is going to be bigger than him someday. Looks like that day is coming up soon. Caleb is just like Grandpa Art - BUILT! The kid has pipes! Carrying him will be the death of my back - he is a brick! (funny 'cause we seriously considered naming him MASON!)

Now this one is funny - David and Naomi (no they did not share a bed for the vacation) - just watching a show together - Jon and Kate plus 8 as a matter of fact! - Naomi left when they changed the TV to the military channel and then Noah was in there instead.

Here is one of Nathan - he was fascinated with the fireplace.