Friday, April 24, 2009

Caleb reads his 1st book - hooked on phonics

I have been working with Caleb (and Olivia) with letter recognition and letter sounds for some time now. (whenever it is quiet that is - so not nearly as often as I did with David)

Today I had an extra amount of time as Nathan took a 2 hour nap. So I decided to pull out the hooked on phonics CD game and play a few rounds of letter sounds with Caleb. He passed the 1st 3 games and I began to think - "Hey maybe this kid could read the 1st Hooked on Phonics book!"

I assure you he has never seen this book before. (and for you sceptics I did not read it to him either) I had him sound it out 1 time before I grabbed the camcorder. I am amazed! He is 2 days past his 4th birthday! (David was reading at 4 also but he had LOADS more mom teaching time)

That hooked on phonics is worth its weight in gold! Thanks Grandpa Paul for forking out the money for it YEARS ago. It still is paying dividends and will for years to come!
Here is the clip: