Sunday, April 26, 2009

The last of the baby stage - Nathan's last teeth.

Nathan has 4 teeth to go before his baby teeth are complete. Well, they are all coming in at the same time. Poor kid. He is a drool/booger mess and to top it off he got a bloody nose today to boot. Poor guy tripped on the shoes and fell right on a buckle. If I even look at him funny he knows I am comin' to wipe his nose. I can't imagine I would like that much either.

As I was working my nursery shift at church today, one of my former high school Sunday school students brought in his 2nd baby (a chubby bubba of a boy). It was so weird to sign him in and care for a baby of a former high school student. I felt so OLD - but indeed that crew of "kids" we taught are now in their mid to late 20's. (This particular student-turned-dad, we watched play high school basketball! - weird ) His son was just like my David as a baby. Huge head and super roly poly body and all smiles. It was a joy to have him in my arms.

While feeding this little one his bottle, I was thinking about Nathan getting his last 4 teeth and that indeed the baby stage is soon going to be distant memory. I smile at the thought that I will soon be the nursery worker who has no kids nursery age! The light at the end of the tunnel is not only visible it is getting brighter and bigger by the minute!

After church we went out to eat. We had 2 elderly couples approach us and tell us our kids were cute and well mannered. I know they were taking a moment to remember what it was like to eat out with their kids when they were little (the kids are probably Seniors themselves , judging by the age of the couples). I smiled and tried to just enjoy the moment with my three little men eating food that was prepared by someone else.

Then we did the ultimate mom of young kids activity. Chuck E Cheese. (we met cousins Zach and Samantha there) Caleb had 20 birthday tokens to burn and we weren't about to waste them. I smiled at the fact that David was old enough to be on his own and that Caleb was with dad and Nathan was with me. As I was helping Nathan play a game I saw a couple walk by the mall window and peak in. They obviously were past the chuck e cheese stage of life and smiled in at the wild crazy activity beyond the window.

Then I said :" ok God that was 3 times you whispered to me enjoy them now because they grow so fast, I am hearing you." So tonight I am going to go to bed and instead of complain when Nathan wakes up or Caleb needs to go potty or get a drink, I will remember that these are the good ol' days and soon they will no longer be my little boys. They will be men.