Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Caleb turns 4 - Happy Birthday!

My middle child is now 4. Sometimes it is hard to believe, sometimes not so hard to believe.

Our family went to the WI Dells and stayed in a 3 bed condo with good friends and had a great time. The kids each had a buddy and we had water park and arcade fun, good food and even some relaxation for us adults.

I wasn't awake at the exact 4 year mark of Caleb's birth this morning. (He was born at 1:11 AM on his due date) but I did have a brief moment to reflect on his birth. His birth was just the beginning of us finding out about Caleb. Caleb was born 22 minutes after we made it to hospital - a boy determined to make his desires accomplished in haste. He was our largest baby (9 lbs). He never cared to be rocked - he wanted you to lay him down in the crib and walk away. Mr. independent. (touch has never been his love language)

Now at 4, he is already the child that has made me laugh the most. The best stuff comes out of his mouth. He has a great sense of humor. Many of his greatest hits have been posted right here in this blog.

The best moment though was last night when the activity of a condo filled with people was bustling about us. He had finished his cake and I was wiping up his hands and mouth. I told him how thankful I was that God gave him to be my son for 4 whole years and that I loved him super much. Then he hugged me and gave me a kiss on my head and said "I know mom - I love you too." An unsolicited hug from him is a huge deal - but to have it added by his words of "I know" was a wonderful tribute to the last year I was able to spend with him. (no homeschooling brother - no nursing infant brother = more mom+caleb time)

I am crying tears of joy as I post this - he is secure in the knowledge that he is indeed loved.

Thank you God for the privilege of being this little man's mom. May there be many many more birthday celebrations!

P.S. the cake was a volcano - just like from the rainforest cafe (see previous post)

Here is a clip: