Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When you pray for rain - OPEN the umbrella

Only 1 problem when you pray for rain, you not only have to HAVE an umbrella you have to USE it. I will explain in a moment.

Yesterday I contacted my primary care Dr and requested she put some extra pressure on the Pediatric Cardiologist.

At 11 am today I got a call from Dr Ralphe. At the end of the conversation we knew that Nathan would be going to Milwaukee Children's to see a surgeon there and that it would be next week. FINALLY SOME PROGRESS!!!!!!!!

Wait it gets better.

He tells me he will call me before leaving the office today with the date. More progress.

I call the insurance co. and my primary Dr. My primary Dr. agrees to get the FMLA paper work done ASAP (instead of sending it to the Cardiology staff - who are clearly overworked - smile) She also begins immediately the referral request for insurance coverage to have us go to Milwaukee Children's.

At 3 pm I get a call from Johanna at GHC insurance. She is assigned our case for complex care management. Praise God I know Johanna - our kids played baseball together and she lives in Evansville. She recognizes the last name and calls me as a courtesy. She says that she is expediting Nathans insurance coverage request and that Milwaukee Children's is on the approved list of hospitals for pediatric cardiology surgery. I am giddy with delight. Lovin' the progress.

Now before I tell you what happens at 5 pm I want to tell you that we have prayed for healing on Nathan many times (just our family together) but 2 specific times this last week as a church group.

First with our small group on Thursday past. We prayed for healing and respite from the screaming fit nights Nathan was having. (well and our uncertainty if it was related to his heart condition)

RESULT: Nathan slept thru the night 2 nights in a row and in 2 days mom
got sleep. PRAISE GOD!

Second, Last Sunday we stood before the congregation and had the elders lay on hands and anoint Nathan with oil. We prayed specifically that Nathan would not need surgery at all.

Ok now what happened at 5 pm:

I get a call back from Dr Ralphe, pediatric cardiologist. He informs me that after reviewing all 3 of Nathans heart echo cardiograms and conferring with his 3 colleges and superior that they have changed his mind and they want to do: NOTHING.

Ok so here is when it begins to DOWNPOUR on me. (for a temporary moment of insanity I had forgotten that I had prayed for rain and was holding my umbrella) I do what any child would do. I cry. WHAT!!!!! 12 days ago your words were - "this isn't something that can wait." AT 11 am I was going to take him to Milwaukee next week and now he needs - uhm - nothing? (there is way more to this conversation)

What am I suppose to tells John's work - We just told them Nathan needed heart surgery - they are going to think I am a head case!

I just got insurance coverage figured out! AAAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!!

Ok I admit I have a temper tantrum after hanging up with Dr Ralphe . I asked him to call John and tell him the same thing because I did not want to explain that. I was trying to figure it out myself!

So for approx 1 hour I sit and get poured on. Then I decide - wait a minute - I am going to open that umbrella -
HELLO BLOND WOMAN - THIS IS WHAT YOU PRAYED FOR! Who cares how it came about.

( I am still working thru the angry emotions - I feel a little like I got to the alter to marry someone I did not want to marry -and the THEY said no and left ME jilted. Umm great - because I did not want to marry you anyway - but hey I didn't want you to back out on me!)

The pediatric cardiologist conferred with his colleges and superiors and they concluded Surgery was not needed at this time. You just got medical confirmation that Nathan doesn't need surgery - Hello - This is your answer to prayer. Just because it came wrapped in a green box with a red bow and you were expecting a red box with a white bow - don't miss the gift girl.

So it is now 4 hours past and I have had time to digest - some - I will have you know I am under the umbrella opening my green box with a red bow and liking very much the present inside.

Now all I have to do is tell the wedding guests - sorry!