Sunday, February 22, 2009

It just keeps geting better!

As if we haven't had enough doctor appointments for Nathan, I took him to his Allergy testing follow up today.

This is the "Prick Him Till He Reacts" appointment I love.

Well he was rechecked for: peas, all beans, all legumes, peanut, milk, and egg.

Now last time we were in for these allergies he was in sad shape. We had not yet eliminated all of these from his diet. Now we have eliminated all (except milk)for 9 months. He has made a drastic improvement.

Todays news:
Only the navy bean and the string bean reacted - peanut was questionable, egg, milk,peas all negative.
We must have blood tests to confirm these (will have soon)
But boy was that good news.

The worst 2 - egg and peanut - I was told he would not outgrow. - oh yeah - well I guess God has more information than you guys at the UW!
(Plus I KNOW God's left hand talks to His right hand - more than I can say for the UW)

I just keep coming back to the song "Blessed be the Name of the Lord" and the verse in Isaiah that I have quoted so many times: Isaiah 30:18 - seems as though God is indeed rising to show us compassion!