Thursday, February 19, 2009

What a difference a year makes

Our house was built 18 years after WI become a state. Now THAT is OLD! (WI became as state in 1848 in case you were wondering)

Every time John and I embark on a house project I am reminded that this house has been a tool for many, many families.

During the last few months as we walked thru Nathan's heart ordeal, I have been painting and fixing like a mad woman. (might as well be productive if I am not sleeping.)

For almost 9 years I have had a large kitchen with beets, carrots, asparagus with green stripes on my walls. (Does that sound like my personality to you?) YUCK.

I am happy to announce that our kitchen is now in its final stages. The walls are dried tomato, nice rich red color - Heidi would be so proud :) the bead board and cabinets are linen and the counter tops will be amber/black flecked with back splashes and curved edges - good bye old particle board junk. I can't wait for it to be done (maybe by the end of Feb!) It looks very classic, clean lines, warm wood feel and it looks big and inviting. That room was the last bit of "Country" decor left. Now when you come in the house all the 1984 wallpaper in the dining is gone and the veggie walls are history. It feels sooo good. (our old bathroom had vertical green striped wall paper - but I ripped that out the day we closed on the house! Ick!)

Pics are coming soon - I feel so refreshed to be in here now that the bathroom has been rebuilt, the new 3 season porch is waiting for its 1st spring use, the dining and kitchen have been remodeled and the living room, hallway, and staircase have new paint. It looks really nice.

It is a whole different kind of busy than I had last year at this time. Ix am no longer nursing, homeschooling or potty training, let alone doing them all at the same time! I still have 2 preschoolers at home and I still babysit for Olivia, but boy what a difference a year makes! (I did not even get a reduction in pay - can't get less than zero you know!)