Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our new pet

For 3 weeks now we have had a toad living with us.

Yes he is in a cage.

Grandpa Paul bought the bug vacuum for Christmas and added the bug habitat as a bonus. The bug habitat comes with a "Coupon for your "FREE" tadpole" What a joke. The tadpole is free but the shipping and handling is $8. So I order the tadpole the week after Christmas.

We get the tadpole in February and it is the size of a pencil lead - smaller actually. Guaranteed for 24 hours. Dies 26 hours later. sigh. OK mom must redeem herself. What will I do with an empty habitat?

I run down to the pet store and buy a $4 toad (we don't even have to "grow the thing")
This toad is cool I must admit. Even Nathan is entranced by the thing.

He eats crickets. The pet store worker infoms me that I have to buy a cricket house/keeper and cricket food to feed your toads' food. Hmm forget that. John gets an old coffee can, we throw them in there. No food for you - you ARE the food! They don't even have air holes and they survive for 10 days!

The toad has now lived for 3 weeks and we all still love watching him eat up the crickets we feed it with our bug vacuum. Even I watch in amazement as the toad jumps on the crickets to eat it. He doesn't stick out his tounge - he does more of a pounce and gobble routine.

I have officially resigned all girly girl tendancies and embraced the fact that I am indeed a mom of boys. Bring on the toads and crickets.