Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Caleb quickie

My Caleb is a boy of few words. He is all action. This can really be good or it can be really bad.

Yesterday we were at Aunt Kiki's house. She has more movies than the video store. Caleb begins to look thru her collection and eye spies the Indiana Jones series. Caleb recognizes this because we have a lego Indiana Jones and he loves the hat and whip. (hmmm)

He asks in his ever so sweet voice (add dimple here) "Mom can I watch Indiana Jones?" (UM NOT ON YOUR LIFE!) I reply: "No Caleb that is a scary movie you have to be 13 to watch that." Kiki backs me up and repeats in agreement - not a kids movie for you Caleb. We watch a Veggie Tales instead.

Fast forward 1 day. Eating breakfast this morning Caleb says. "Mom soon it will be my birthday right?" (yes this is true) "so I will be 13 and I get to watch Indiana Jones at Aunt Kiki's!"

Oh no - nice try mister.

I reply: "Well Caleb it is true you will have a birthday soon, but you will have to wait 10 more birthdays until you are 13."

He thinks about this for a millisecond and says: "Well that won't take long at all!"

I smile because I know he is right - it really won't take that long at all.