Monday, February 23, 2009

Caleb the bottomless pit

Right now Caleb is having a snack at the dining room table. He tells me at 1:30 "I am hungry".
Of course you are hungry -you are ALWAYS hungry. We had lunch at 11:45 and he at it all. But hey that was almost 2 hours ago!

So I ask him - "What do you want for a snack?"

"I don't know you pick" he says.

"Ok how about a nutrigrain bar?"

"OK What a funny name hey mom - nutrigrain bar" (add dimple smile here)

Then add 10 seconds silence as he looks at my face while eating his snack.

Then he says:" Mom I like it when your eyebrows are waxed."

WHAT?!?!? "You like it when my eyebrows are waxed?" I repeat in disbelief. Who is this child?

I am still laughing - I had to RUN to the computer to post it right away - man I could make a fortune doing stand up comedy with this kid as my sidekick.

gotta go he is done wiht his bar and is still hungry.........