Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Look at Me! I'm an Airplane!

So we are at the park. It is the perfect Wisconsin summer day. Hot, humid and infested with mosquitos.

It is myself, my niece Lisa, my day care girl Olivia, and of course my 3 sons. You know I just never envisioned myself actually filling all the seat belt slots in the van. (I am smiling now at the memory of being a one-kid mommy)

Olivia, Nathan, David and Lisa are all under the play scape having a grand time in the sand (shade). Caleb is on the swings. Can he swing on it like you are suppose to? Of course not. That would be what a rule following older brother would do.

So he is laying on his belly on the swing. Arms out wide like an airplane. He starts out cautiously. Then progresses to the point where he is not only shooting his arms out wide but lifting his feet up too. I am actually impressed. He really does look like an airplane. Then it happens. He is mid laugh, mouth open wide, arms out, legs up and BLAMO the swing breaks. I actually see him ricochet, somewhat like a skipping rock over the pond.

Sand in his eyes, in his mouth all the way to his molars, in his hair, neck, ears, you name it.

I run over concerned he may actually have broken his nose. After we calm down and clean up I think -"I wonder when Hollywood will have its next writers strike?" I could make a fortune. Too bad I wasn't filming him.

What the heck are the chances that the swing would break on that kid?

Yes, an airplane all right, crash landing and all.