Sunday, July 27, 2008


If any of you are a snorkel fan you will understand this next post.

When you breath thru a snorkel to look at the amazing sights in the "deep blue", you tend to get lost in the moment and forget how little air you are breathing. Until you "surface" and take off your breathing hose and breathe in a full breath of cool, clean air.

That is how I have been feeling these last 2 days. I feel like I am finally surfacing.

This past week I not only enrolled David in "regular school', but I also stopped nursing Nathan.

I can't tell you how amazing it feels to have made it this far. I have been "swimming in the deep blue" for so long I hardly remember what it feels like to take a good breath and let myself relax for a minute.

Now that Nathan is finished nursing, I feel more like myself and less like a moo machine. (cue the song "I feel Like a Woman" by Shania Twain)

It is like taking one long, good, full breath and letting the body drink in all the oxygen. I cut my hair, I painted my toenails a pretty pink french manicure, I wore a non-nursing moo bra. Whoa!
Stand back world, sound the alarms, Jenny has officially surfaced.

I must say the view of my "deep blue" is worth every minute of the reduced breathing, but every once in awhile a big breath doesn't hurt.

As excited as I am to have enrolled David in school, I am elated to have invested the 2 years of home school. The kid is such a joy.

The 10 1/2 months I nursed Nathan have been worth it too. I am just happy to be on this end of it instead of back in the beginning.

So the last 2 days I have had my fill of deep Jenny breaths. I am refreshed enough to get back to my mom job with renewed strength. But if you see me walking with a bit lighter of a step or see me mouthing some words to a silent tune, just know Shania Twain is reminding me that I am not just a mom. I am also a woman.