Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good bye Crib

I have to admit it is a bit soon to take down the crib. Nathan isn't even 1 year old but none the less the crib is history.

A few days ago Nathan kicked the crib sides right open. He proceeded to roll right out onto the floor. The back gate of the crib opened like a flap and plop onto the floor he went. (the crib survived 4 boys - mine plus my nephew so it was more than USED!)

Imagine how mystified I was in the wee hours of the morning going into his room, hearing him crying, but not seeing him in the crib!?!?!? (The back of crib flapped back into place and looked normal at first glance) I tell you what, I was fully awakened with a shot of terror.

Now he sleeps on the cutest little toddler bed that matches the other boys' beds. How adorable is that! He doesn't even crawl or walk yet and he is in a big boy bed.

I took the hardware off the crib and put the pieces out for the trash. I gave myself 10 seconds to stare at it and ask myself if I would miss it. UMM NOPE I slapped my hands together as to signify my "washing my hands of the thing" and went into the house thinking - one step closer to the end of this 1st year.

Nathan doesn't know it yet, but I too will be celebrating when he turns 1.
No more 1st years. No more breast feeding. YAHOO!

Bring on the toddler years. I LOVE THOSE!