Monday, July 28, 2008

Yet Another Caleb Pee Story

Ok so 3 really is my most favorite age. If a professional comic ran out material, all they would need was 1 week with a 3 year old. I will miss 3 year olds, when mine get older.

Saturday night is bath night. I am running around getting Sunday clothes ready, getting 3 naked boys clean, dry, nails clipped, hair brushed, and dressed in PJ's. We do our nightly devotions and prayers and they are out like lights by 9:30. I am exhausted and John and I marvel that it is only 9:30 the chores are done and the kids mouths are closed!

Hi! Want to sit with me and watch a tv show? Whoa a tv show. You mean one that doesn't teach the ABC's or plays Classical music to a puppet show? Oh my! What is on the Tv now a days?

I climb in bed at 11 pm and just start falling asleep.

Cue Caleb.

I hear him calling for me. I get up and go see what the problem is. Caleb is standing there next to his bed asleep. He is standing, calling for me but is actually sleeping.

I figure he must have woke himself up because he has to pee. So I ask "You have to go potty?" No response.

Silly question, of course he has to go potty. I get the potty chair (we have only 1 bathroom and is downstairs - not a good idea when you are standing up ASLEEP)

I tell Caleb "I am going to have you sit on the potty chair to pee, ok?" No response.

I pull his pj bottoms off and immediately he begins to pee, all over the carpet and David's clothes dresser.

I shreek "Caleb,wake up, you need to sit down to pee on the potty chair!"

He turns his body looks like he is about to sit (eyes still closed) and proceeds to pee standing up the other direction. All over the sheets, his comforter, the window, the floor and my legs.

You know I should have just let him pee the bed. It would have been less clean up!

I wake him up enough to get him to sit on the potty and finish his business only to realize the potty chair isn't really put together correctly and pee is leaking all over the floor under the chair bottom.

Why did I even bother? That is it! Everyone wears diapers til they are old enough to operate the steam cleaner.