Monday, July 7, 2008

Our Gas Station Memory

The holiday is over and we are back to the daily grind.

David resumed his regular baseball schedule today. Since his games are at the local park, it is fun for Caleb and Nathan as well as David.

It has become somewhat of a Baierl tradition to fraternize our local BP gas station for a fun summertime beverage. Lemonade after a ball game, a wagon ride for an ice cream sandwich, a lollipop stop after our hair cuts. You see when you live in a small town there really isn't that much to do. When my kids are grown I will miss the trips to the BP.

So today, after the game, we are in search of our lemonade. Surprisingly, the BP is completely sold out of lemonade. So off to Citgo we go. Knowing they don't sell lemonade there I ask:" How about some flavored water or maybe a Gatorade?"

David agrees. Yes Gatorade is a good idea.

Caleb, not wanting to be left out in any way, decided he wants Gator Eggs too (whatever that is).

You know life is so simple when you are 3 years old. Let's go to the store to buy Gator Eggs, surely they sell them. Oh and get the red ones, they are the best.

I have never liked the taste of Gatorade, but I can bet sometime when my kids are gone and I am real old, I will stop to buy a Gatorade just to remember Caleb's Gator Eggs.