Friday, July 25, 2008

A Different Mommy

I just got 5 inches of hair cut off and colored my hair back to its original color.

I was tired of the blond with dark roots and the damaged ends. For a year I have been growing out my bangs and so I had my stylist cut all my hair to the same length as my bangs.

I have to admit it is a pretty big change.

I walk in the door and David exclaims:"MOMS HOME!!! I like your new hair!" He actually ran to the door to greet me.
(see note on previous post about just once being the fun parent)

Nathan looks at me and takes a double take. Who is that? - oh it is mom! Hi!

Caleb says: "Mom you look like a different mom, did you cut your hair?" "You look like an ugly mom."

Gee thanks, son.